Fundamentals: Grip

Your grip on the ball will vary according to your hand size but every finger has a purpose and a
positioning on the ball.

Finger side with laces on Pre-Pass:

  • Pinky: behind laces by sliding in between one digit of laces.
  • Ring finger along laces.
  • Middle finger off laces towards back of ball or against laces if you have big hands.
  • Index finger needs to be towards back of ball with first knuckle on index finger along stitching that aligns with laces. Ensures nice even bend off index finger to create nice tight spiral.

Grip Note: make sure all four fingers are in complete contact with the ball.

Thumb side: Location of thumb is vital. Pocket is formed by location of thumb during grip. If you slide thumb down you create nice palm pocket. If you slide thumb up you lose pocket. Thumb should be aligned with middle finger.

Thumb Note: When you hold ball, nose should be inslightly upward position.


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