Fundamentals: Lower Body

As important as it is to have a consistent grip, a cocked wrist, and an elevated elbow, it is essential to let the thoroughbred legs you were gifted with power your throw.
The following components are essential to every QB:

Balls of feet: Unless your on the sideline talking to your coach, from the time you’re under center to the snap of the ball to the time it leaves your hand, you must stay on the balls of your feet.

Slight bend in knees: Slight bend in knees helps QB transition weight from foot to foot and stimulate explosion from lower body on throw. The old saying of being tall in pocket applies to the waist up. Standing tall simply means your eyes need to be downfield.

Transitioning weight: When a QB throws and drops on the balls of his feet and he maintains a slight bend in his knees, he creates the ability to transfer weight from his final step in his drop to his lead foot (front foot) that points to the target area. Much like a speed skater transitions back and forth, a QB is looking to do the same.

Balance: Maintaining balance as a QB is a by product of the first 3 bullet items. When you can stay on the balls of your feet, maintain a bend in your knees, and transition your weight, you should have the ability to maintain balance in your throw. A balanced QB will eliminate the tendency to throw off his heel on his plant foot.




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