One of the best ways to have success in the  passing game is with the sprint out pass. It has several upsides including: significantly shortening the length of the throw, minimizing the number of reads, and allowing the quarterback to run the ball easily. In this drop, the quarterback needs to open up and gain depth to break the contain of the defense. The coaching point is to teach the
quarterback to work up and down the hill. After gaining depth and width from the center, the quarterback must load the ball by pushing with his left hand to force his left shoulder around to his target. It is also advantageous to have him chop his feet down as he begins to attack downhill on a line to his target.
The actual mechanics of throwing on the run are not significantly different from a stationary throw. The push of the left arm around to force the left shoulder on target actually creates the exact pre pass as the traditional throw. Again, it is imperative that quarterback is taking short steps on the balls of his feet and uses the “push-pull” to initiate and complete the throw. The follow through should find the quarterback running on a line directly at his target with his throwing shoulder pointed there as well.


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