The positioning of your wrist on pre-pass is a vital component to a consistent throw. A curled wrist position weakens the finger grip and drops the nose of the ball. It also causes slashing. What gives the strength and power to fingertips is the location of the wrist. That
location is called the “wrinkle in the wrist” because essentially that’s what we want to create, a wrinkle in the wrist on pre-pass.

The following points are cause to have a cocked wrist on pre-pass.

  •  A cocked wrist position strengthens the finger grip.
  • A cocked wrist position lengthens the wrist snap and increases the spin.
  • A cocked wrist reduces ball movement and loads the ball for strong release out to the target.
  • A cocked wrist brings the nose of the ball up to the proper release point.

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