A quarterback’s throwing mechanics involve many small movements that must come together in the right sequence. The quarterback wants to throw a spiral — which improves the ball’s accuracy — and usually must time his pass to hit a moving target, while ignoring the large defensive linemen trying to stop the pass before it begins.
The proper carriage sets the foundation for your throwing motion. A correct and consistent carriage will provide your QB the initial environment needed to produce a repeatable arm circle. Right handed QBs should carriage the ball comfortably on their right peck with elbows relaxed and pointed toward the ground. You do not want the ball
One of the best ways to have success in the  passing game is with the sprint out pass. It has several upsides including: significantly shortening the length of the throw, minimizing the number of reads, and allowing the quarterback to run the ball easily. In this drop, the quarterback needs to open up and gain
To become a successful Quarterback (QB) it is important to first understand what it takes to be a leader. In order to understand the qualities of a leader its important to understand what leadership means. Leadership is the capacity to lead or the act or instance of leading. L.D.E.T will teach you how to apply leadership
The positioning of your wrist on pre-pass is a vital component to a consistent throw. A curled wrist position weakens the finger grip and drops the nose of the ball. It also causes slashing. What gives the strength and power to fingertips is the location of the wrist. That location is called the “wrinkle in the
A quarterback will need to decide how to think even before he goes onto the field to practice. When a QB is learning a new technique or a new passing game read he needs to consciously think about what he is doing and he needs to be focused. When he is receiving and calling the
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