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“The Clock” for a QB is the time he takes to dissect the play and execute it to success. “The Clock” is the mental ingredient that takes a QB to the next level because of the following skills:

• The offense: Understanding the offense thoroughly and the philosophy of it allows the QB to process information more efficiently on the field.

• The play: Understanding the play thoroughly and everyone’s assignment allows the QB’s “Clock” to process faster and efficiently on the field.

• The down & distance: Understanding the down & distance through the duration of the game keeps the QB aware of all the options and the chains moving.

• The defense: Understanding the opponent is another vital ingredient for the maturation of a QB.

• The audible: Understanding the options an offense has comes from a QB’s study of the defense and thoroughly knowing his audible system.

• The great anticipator: Understanding from snap to throw how much time a QB really has as well as identify where to go with the ball is known as his anticipation skills.

Note: A QB’s “Clock” is critical to his development and a key ingredient to defining his success. A QB with a great “Clock” never holds the ball too long.




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